Polling tentacle using Web sockets not connecting

We deploy polling tentacles to our customer servers using only port 443 ( Polling Tentacles over WebSockets). This works fine in most cases but on some environments the tentacle can be installed, configured and will turn up in the octopus server. It will fail the first heath check and become ‘unavailable’.
The tentacle log is full of Errors like this
2020-06-03 14:10:05.4347 88440 8 ERROR wss://octo.example.com/octopuscomms 8 Socket communication error with connection to wss://octo.example.com/OctopusComms

I assume our customer is using a transparent proxy which doesn’t allow wss.
Is there a way to test wss connections before installing the tentacle?

Hi @MacInally!

It definitely seems like the proxy server might be blocking the websocket connections - they usually require a bit of config adjustment to account for websocket traffic. You can also have them try using something like https://www.websocket.org/echo.html to test WSS connectivity from inside their network.

I hope this helps!

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