Polling tentacle unreachable after Ip change on cloud

Configure polling tentacle on an aws machine with a non elastic ip (i.e not static ip)
Go to octopus, tentacle is under correct environment
Go to aws, reboot the machine, it’s Up changes
Go to octopus tentacle is unreachable… (i.e red)


Thanks for reaching out! What I suspect may have happened was when you rebooted your Polling Tentacle (which the server trusts based on its thumbprint - so dynamic IPs are fine), it failed a health check on the server. If that’s the case, you can run a manual health check again when the server is up, or wait until the next time the server runs the automated health check (which could take around 10 minutes). It should not block deployments so long as the deployment is started after the restart.

If your Tentacle’s status doesn’t change after waiting or running a health check, could you send us your Tentacle logs (located in C:\Octopus\Logs in standard installs)?

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Solved thank you