Polling tentacle is not copying package to environment

I’m using Octopus Deploy
I have a 201MB package which contains some files that I need transferred to the environment but does not include a deploy.ps1 script. This had been working and I can find the files under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications{env}{pkg}{version}. Recently it stopped working, I’m not sure but the problem could have started when I switched from using a listening tentacle to using a polling tentacle.

If I redeploy, skipping all but the one package, and checking “Force deployment of packages that are already installed”, then I get the Deployment complete message in Octopus, but the files are not out there. Not even under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications.Tentacle\Packages.

If I redeploy like above but also checking “Re-download packages from the NuGet Server”. I can see the download progress in octopus, as well as the file under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Files. When the download is complete the file under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Files but does not appear under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications.Tentacle\Packages nor C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications{env}{pkg}{version}.

The tentacle log contains:
2015-03-24 11:58:28.0135 19 INFO Beginning chunked transfer of C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Files\Eos.Ods.

I have another environment where this same package deploys just fine. The environment that fails is using a polling tentacle, the one that works is a listening tentacle.

I changed the problem environment back to using a listening tentacle. This time the upload package step completes, but the Acquire packages does not. The package appears under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications.Tentacle\Packages. But the deploy just hangs at that point.

I cancel and retry. This time it finishes the deploy and the package appears under C:\ProgramData\Octopus\Applications{env}{pkg}{version}.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please enable the debug variables as shown on link (1) and then create a new release and send us the raw log (2)?

  1. http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Debug+problems+with+Octopus+variables

  2. http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Get+the+raw+output+from+a+task

Feel free to mark this question as private if you want to hide any sensitive info from your raw log.



The original tentacle was switched to listening mode. I setup another polling tentacle and deployed to it without problem. This problem was intermittent anyway. Or, this problem could be related to this other one: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/31895-deployment-stops-unexpectedly
Where I discovered that when we upgraded Octopus and moved to a new server the old one wasn’t shut down and was flooding our tentacles with bad requests.
Anyway I have the debug variables set and I’ll let you know if I see this again.

I’m closing this issue. I haven’t seen it since I fixed the issue with 2 octopus servers talking to the same tentacle.