Polling Tentacle Configuration for Octopus Deploy HA


We have a single node Octopus server running behind a load balancer. we are planning to migrate existing Octopus Server to Octopus High Availability. I gone through the documentation and tested HA migration in our test environment but I need some clarification with following two questions,

  1. As documentation suggested, with HA configuration, tentacle config file needs to be updated with all the node IPs. Since we already have Load balancer url configured in config file, can we replace this url with two node IPs? is it safe to remove the url? I know the whole idea behind adding nodes to config file so the tentacles can Poll both the nodes separately. But, when initially configuring the tentacle we used the LB url, so removing the LB url from tentacle config file could cause any issue?

  2. After the migration, to install new Polling tentacles do we again have to use the LB url to initially configure the tentacle then update config file with nodes? since using one of the node IP failing with “The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.” which is expected since we are using IP but not the cert url.

Thank You,

Hi @ajaybre,

Thanks for reaching out with your questions.

We have a great write-up for HA and Load Balancer scenarios here: Configuring Octopus High Availability in Azure - Octopus Deploy

You can find information for setting up Polling Tentacles here with your HA Octopus Setup.

If you need additional clarification or have any more questions please let me know.


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