•Please select one or more roles that this script step will apply to

Even though I have multiples and 20 deployed tentacles with roles tagged on them. I still get this error when I set roles on a process or not. I click save and it’s a never ending frustrating loop of never being able to save a process. Help, I’m completely stuck and will soon be losing the equipment I’m running on and trying to move to this new equipment but cant get my system to function on the new equipment setup exactly the same way.

Hi David

Thanks for getting in touch! I am sorry to hear that you are not having .a good experience with Octopus, I can totally understand how frustrated you are.

In order to help us to get to the bottom of this issue, could you please send us the deployment process JSON export as well as the Octopus version that you are using?

You could get the deployment process export as shown in this screenshot

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Thank you for your reply, but I discovered this problem was because we used a 3.3.4 database with a 3.2.22 installation. But thank you for your timely response, much appreciated. You can close this forum entry.

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