Please add a search to the Deployment process

Hi Guys,

The product is awesome. I have been using it for weeks and I’m very impressed. This to me is far better and simpler than Chef. However, some of my deployments have long process pipelines and I would love to easily be able to search for a step in the process pipeline so I can easily edit it. Going through 60 steps to track down a single one is a bit depressing. I bet many other people have far more steps and feel the same.

Thanks and amazing work. The product really rocks!


Thanks for getting in touch! And thanks for the feedback! I passed it onto the rest of the team. As for your question, I know we have some larger companies that do use a large amount of steps, though I personally have not seen this specific feature requested before.

Unfortunately, it does not look like this is currently on our roadmap. Generally, for suggestions we refer to UserVoice, this lets us get a good idea of the community’s desire for certain new features before we commit to them.

Here is a link to our UserVoice page:
You are more than welcome to create a suggestion.

I believe that generally, users who have a lot of steps in their projects tend to just use Control+F to find a particular step.
Are a lot of your steps all quite similar? Are you able to take advantage of Octopus’ variables and variable scoping to reduce the amount of steps that you are currently using in your project?

Below are some links that may also be helpful:

Let me know what you think here. :slight_smile:

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