I have problems with permissions. Why would I need to have permissions to edit environment to edit Variable set?
I don’t even use any scoped variable. Check screenshot. Could you please fix this?

Could you please make releases more stable? This is at least forth bug I found. Maybe to have a little bit slower but stable development cycle. I like rapid development but this takes quite a lot of my time.

Jan Skalicky

Hi Jan,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, Octopus 3.8.7 introduced this odd permission requirement when we fixed a variable set permission scope issue. The good news is that we’re currently working to fix it and you can follow it’s progress at the following URL.

Thanks for your comment on improving our release stability, we actively try to maintain a high quality product but bugs do slip through. That said, I’m personally fixing this issue and I’m taking my time to ensure I don’t introduce any new issues into variable editing permissions.

Hope this helps!