Permissions for upgrading a tentacle

I have users that are in charge of certain clients, and I generally provide them with the ‘Environment Manager’ and ‘Project Deployer’ roles, with slightly customized pieces for additional permissions.

I had a user try to upgrade a tentacle for an environment he is a manager of, and it informs his that he has insufficient privileges. See the attached screenshot.

After providing him with Admin rights scoped to the environment, he was still unable to perform the upgrade. Apparently, due to the upgrade pulling from the server, he needs un-scoped admin rights. (or something of the sort)

Steps to reproduce:
Create a team with system administrator rights scoped to ‘Environment A’
Assign a user to the team
Install an old tentacle to ‘Environment A’
The user is able to see the notice of it being an outdated tentacle, but the upgrade button fails.

NOTE: I was just informed that the user was clicking the ‘Upgrade All’ button at the top. I can’t confirm if the upgrade for the individual machine works.

If that is the cause of the issue, perhaps a more personalized error pointing this out would work? Or, better yet, upgrading all environments the user has permissions for and displaying a warning for those he/she is unable to upgrade.