Permissions for changing variable set

It seems that we have a great struggle to configure role permissions for managing variable set.
Our set up is the following

  1. Multiple projects of the same application suite
  2. Each project multiple environments
  3. “Default” library variable set which we re-use between all the projects
  4. Custom library variable sets per each project environment where default variables are overriden and extended

The problem is that we need to give non-admin users ability to manage variable sets.
We have a role which allows (among others)

  1. VariableEdit
  2. VariableEditUnscoped
  3. VariableView
  4. VariableViewUnscoped

This works OK until a point when users in this role is assigned into a team which has projects and/or environment limitation.
This automatically gets them blocked from managing variable sets and therefore we need to assign an admin permission to user.

Is there any solution to this problem we have or we have it initially configured incorrectly?

Thank you.
Alex krupnov

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently there is no solution for this issue but it is a known bug. We currently have a gitHub issue for this problem.

Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,