Permission to block missing when limited to specific project


maybe I misunderstood the permission “Block a release from progressing to the next lifecycle phase (restrictable to projects)”, so please correct me if I’m wrong, thx.

I have the following setup:

  1. I added a specific user to a new team.
  2. The team has the “System administrator” role with the “Block a release …” permission
  3. No other restrictions like Projects or Environments are set.
  4. I login with the credentials of that user and I see the “Block option” in the overview page of an arbitrary release.
  5. I logout
  6. I change the permissions for the team so that they are limited to a specific project.
  7. I login with the credentials of that user and I DO NOT see the “Block option” in the overview page of a release for the specific project.

Isn’t it supposed to work this way?

The usage scenario is that certain members of a QA team should have the “Block a release …” permission but limited to both certain projects and certain environments, so they can prevent a “bad” release from being propagated to a later stage.

Also the “System administrator” role is the only viable role to accomplish this usage scenario, right? I personally think that another role with less permissions or maybe the options to select permissions indicidually rather than complete roles would be desirable, but let’s not get things mixed up and concentrate on the original question. :wink:

Thx in advance!

I forgot to mention that we use version


Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay. We are currently working on some bugs regarding the permissions to block a release which might be causing this behavior. Let me discuss this with the devs and get back to you. I should have an answer for you in less than 24hs.



Hi again,

We’ve recently closed this github issue which should have fixed this, but apparently it did not:

I’ve mentioned this to our dev team and we’re gonna look into this.

Thanks for pointing this out and sorry for the inconvenience caused by the error