Performance in iexplorer

We work with version 2018.3.7
We experience a huge difference in performance with the ‘http://octacaf01/app#/library/variables/LibraryVariableSets-41

It takes 9.6 seconds and in iExplorer 141 sec.
And I think that even 9.6 sec is a long time
This library contains 31 variables and some (not all) of these variables have 70 values

Can you make improvements for a better user experience?
Yours sincerely,
Eric Bosman


Thanks for getting in touch.

I can reproduce the problem you are seeing, loading a variable set page with 30 variables and 70 values for each takes a long time to load in Chrome. I used a few more values just to test and I couldn’t get it to load at all in IE and it crashed Edge.

I’ve created a GitHub issue that you can track and contribute to: