Pause between deployments


I’ve introduced Octopus to my stack and it’s brilliant.

I need to be able to achieve a pause for 30/60/90 seconds between certain deployment steps as our load balancers can take a minute or so to take a server out of load.

I’m trying to achieve this by calling a custom step template which takes the number of seconds to pause and calls System.Threading.Thread.Sleep using C#

This doesn’t seems to be working. Is there a better way?

Screenshot attached shows my issue

A screenshot of the step template attached

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for reaching out. You should be able to achieve this by using a Powershell script instead that runs start-sleep -seconds 60 (you can change the seconds to any value you want)

Hope that helps,

Thank you Dalmiro I now have a deployment process which pauses :slight_smile: