Passing prompted variables to deployments created with the REST API

One of our Projects has a prompted variable, I’m trying to create a release and deploy it using the REST API but I can’t see how to set that variable. Is there an example of how to do this somewhere?

Nothing on this? It’s possible with Octo.exe so I’m guessing it must be possible with the REST API.


Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay! Yes, as a rule of thumb it can always be done using the REST API. Using a WebDebugger while running Octo.exe will always show you how to use the REST API (its exactly what i did to write this reply).

There’s some serious digging that needs to be done and a few API calls:

Short version: When you make the Post to create the deployment, you’re gonna need to pass down the variables Names and Values on the FormValues dictionary

Long version: This powershell script does pretty much the same as Octo.exe, but using 100% direct REST API calls. It should give you an idea of how to get this working.

Hope that helps!