Parameters for "Script file inside a package" for Azure scripts?


In the attached image there is a field for Script Parameters that I can’t see in our 3.3.2 installation. Does anyone know if that turned up in a later version or if I should look for some other reason for that gone missing? (I just want to check before I go ahead with an upgrade that turns out not to fix that)


Hi Ulf,

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems we went a bit ahead of ourselves and added that image before shipping that feature! That one is still in progress as you can see here:

I’ve removed that image from the docs to avoid the confusion. Once we ship this enhancement, we’ll add it back again.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion

Ouch, I really needed that one…

Please make sure that when the feature gets released it covers the Azure variant of Script file from package.

What would be the best way to do something similar now?

I would be running this on a server that doubles as octopus server and tentacle so I could do “Deploy package” to a known file location and then do “Run Azure Powershell script” using that location since it is going to be on the same “physical” server. (Cleanup afterwards as well)

The package contains a lot more than the script itself that will be used by the script.


Yeah its a good enhancement (I was the one vouching for it on the team :slight_smile: ). Sadly its still not quite there, as it implicated a bit more work than we expected.

Attached screenshot shows a sneak-peak at the commits as proof that we already though about Azure steps :slight_smile:

That approach you described is what I’d do to workaround this.

Ok, thanks!

Just a quick FYI - The image was on the doc because the feature is going to be introduced in 3.4, and we already shipped the docs for it.

I’ve re-added the image along with a small note saying that the field will be visible from 3.4 onward to avoid any confusions.

Hi Ulf,

We have managed to ship it earlier as part of 3.3.21 which was released today.



Hi Pawel,
I have just upgraded to 3.3.21 but I still don’t see the script parameters field.

Hi Ross,

Can you do a Hard Refresh of your Octopus tab? Sometimes you need to do this to see the front-end changes if you had the Octopus tab open while you were still in a prior version.

Let me know if that works,

Hi Dalmiro,
Yes. That did the trick.