Parallel deployments for same project

In a single project, can deployment tasks from different tentacles be executed in parallel instead of queued? Each machine in our autoscaling environment kicks off a deployment task for the same project, each deployment task takes a few minutes, so when they are queued up it could take a while.


Thanks for getting in touch! Thanks for the suggestion. We will look at adding a variable you can use to allow parallel execution as you mention.
Please track the following GitHub issue:

Hope this helps!

I see that this was released in 3.0, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set it up. Is it in the documentation somewhere?


In Octopus 3 you can deploy to different environments at the same time, but not to the same environment.

Can you describe your process a bit more so I can help?
You have an autoscaling environment. Every time a machine is added to the environment it will create a deployment? Is that deployment to the same environment every time?


Thanks for the quick response!

In our autoscaling environment, when machines are added, each machine will register itself to the octopus server, and then attempt to deploy the same version of a project to itself. Currently, with this setup, all the deployment tasks are queued up and executed sequentially, because Octopus does not allow parallel deployments of a project in the same environment.

I think I wasn’t clear in my initial description of our use case. Would this be something that you guys would consider for future improvements?


I see, so you are adding the machine to your environment and then kicking off a deployment of the latest release to that environment.
Does the release get re-deployed to existing Tentacles? A messy workaround would be to create an environment for each machine and then tear it down after the deployment has completed.

At the moment I don’t think we support multiple deployment to the same environment but I have asked the team and will investigate further.

We are planning to support autoscaling environments as a first class feature. So when you add a machine to an environment it will automatically get the latest release deployed to it. I think that would be a big help in your scenario. You can read more on our blog: