Parallel deployment on deployment targets

We deploy our .Net web site on our 10 production servers. When we start deployment, all tenants gets queued. First deployment completes on first server then it moves to second and soo on. Issue is when deployment going on IIS start to recompile sites. So it take very long time to deploy on each server and at that time others are wait for there turn.
I want to do deployment like that, deployment should start on all deployment targets at same time. Instead to deployment on server by server. Can you please suggest me some way how can I do deployment on all deployment targets in parallel?

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From your description it sounds like increasing your task cap will help. This controls the maximum number of simultaneous tasks Octopus Server can run at one time. By default this is set to 5. This doc shows how you can change the task cap.

As mentioned in the above doc, increasing the task cap should be increased with caution, as Octopus will require more system resources to handle the increased limit.

I hope this helps and please feel free to reach out if you need any further help or advice.

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Hi @Lauren.Cagney thank you for your reply. I’m aware of task cap but this will not resolve our problem. Currently our task cap is set to eight if we increase it, deployment will still be sequential. Suppose we increase it to 12. So it will start 12 parallel deployments on same deployment target. But we want some way to start deployment on our all servers in parallel. Suppose we have 12 deployment targets, when we start deployment, instead of starting 12 parallel deployment on first deployment target. It should do parallel deployment on each of our 12 servers. Start deployment on first site of server1 and the same time start deployment on first site of server2 similarly first site on server3,4…12. When deployment on first site completes it should move to second site and so on until deployment completes on all sites. Can you suggest me some way to achieve this. I’ll be really grateful to you.

Greetings! I’d like to make sure I have a clear picture of what’s going on. If I may paraphrase the scenario; you have 10 different production servers all with IIS on them. When executing a deployment, the deployment executes against each server sequentially instead of parallel, is this correct? Would you be able to provide a screenshot of your process as well as the JSON so we may review them?

@Shawn_Sesna thank you for your reply. Yes your understanding is correct. We want to start deployment in parallel on all servers. Instead of starting on server1 then move to server2 and so on. Here is screenshot of our process page. Please let me know this is what you are looking for? Also I’m not sure from where can I get JSON

There are some other things that I’d like to see and I fear that the back and forth might become tedious, would you be open to a call?

Call is not possible at the moment. Can you please tell me what else are you looking for?

The issue you’re describing should be what is occurring when you deploy, there should be parallel tasks launched limited only by task cap. I’m attempting to see if I can figure out why it’s going sequentially, the screenshot of the process eliminated one possibility.

A screenshot of your targets could possibly assist us in figuring this out.

Also, if you could set up a deployment (but not actually deploy) and provide us a screenshot of what targets it thinks will be included? Similar to this (I’ve highlighted the section to expand),