Parallel batch deployments

Maybe provide a way to create a bunch of releases, and then select a batch of them and have them deploy in parallel. This would minimize downtime of the app. We can do this now, but it’s -> Go to package 1, click Releases, Click the Release, Click Deploy, Go to Package 2, repeat, etc. This would help when “The System” is composed of a bunch of parts, but a “Release” is an update of all those parts at the same time.

Hey Rob,

Since you are deploying these packages at the same time, could you perhaps combine them into a single project? One project within Octopus can contain multiple packages.

Batch deployment is a cool feature suggestion, I’ve created this suggestion on UserVoice to track it:


I did end up creating a single project with all the nuget packages, as well as keeping the individual projects. The problem with the combined project is that they all deploy sequentially, adding up to a long time to deploy. I bounce back and forth between which one is easier.