Packages with Build Metadata are not visible in `SELECT VERSION` list

Packages created in TeamCity (and hosted in its NuGet feed) which have build metadata as a part of their version are not visible in Create release -> SELECT VERSION list.

Example of our package version: 1.0.140+7a4a6fd.

However if we present the same git hash as pre-release version (i.e. 1.0.140-7a4a6fd) it becomes visible (appears in the list). What’s more, the same release is successfully deployed by Octopus when being pushed from TeamCity via OctopusDeploy: Create release but cannot be selected when creating release manually.

Looks like the versions with build metadata are being filtered out in SELECT VERSION list while pre-release packages are included.
No version rule is defined in any of the channels.

Hi Eduard,

That doesn’t sound very good. I’ve tried reproducing the problem with manual packages and it works fine, so I suspect it’s a problem with TeamCity and Octopus.

Can I ask what version of TeamCity and Octopus you are using? I’ll try reproducing the problem.


Hi there,

Here are the versions:

  • TeamCity: 2018.1.3 (build 58658)
  • Octopus: 2018.8.7
  • Octopus Deploy integration plugin: 4.39.4

Hi Eduard,

Which version of the Nuget feed are you using from the TeamCity server? Only Nuget feed v3 supports the build metadata from Semver 2.0

Hi Cameron,

Which version of the Nuget feed are you using from the TeamCity server?

The latest available today in Teamcity, I believe, which is v2. And the packages with build metadata in their versions indeed seem to be filtered out in the feed.

Having said that, if I request a specific package (i.e. via v2/Packages(Id='Package',Version='2018.11.01')) the package with build metadata does get returned. Which is probably the reason why the packages with build metadata do get included in Octopus release when pushed from the TeamCity build via Octopus plugin?

I guess we will have to wait for the next TeamCity release which should include V3 NuGet feeds.

Thank you for your help!

Just to let you know, TeamCity does support Nuget feeds v3, but it may be in a newer version.

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