Packages not showing when creating release


I followed the steps for deploying .NET applications with Octopus through Kenneth Truyer’s pluralsight video.

I have succesfully pushed a package to the deploy server from a tentacle (I used Octopack and msbuild with the /p:OctoPackPublishPacakageToHttp). I can see said package in the library tab on the administration panel, but when I try to create a release, no packages are showing under “Latest” and “Specific”.

I can see the nuget package is present in C:\Octopus\Packages\ on the deploy server.

I’m pretty lost on what to try, can you help? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reaching out.

In that same course on the video called Creating a Project at 2:26 you can see Kenneth adding the ID of the package on the field Package ID.

  • After having pushed the package to the Octopus built-in repo (which you said you already did, as you can see the package under Library-> Packages), when you start typing the name of your package on the Package ID field, does Octopus suggest you the full name of your package?

  • If the above doesn’t happen, could you double check that on the field Package Feed you have the value Octopus Server (built-in)?


Hi Dalmiro,

Yea, apparently I missed the namespace in front of the project name on the package id field. Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Mads Heckmann

Glad I could help!


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