Packages created with nuget 3.4 not extracted correctly

I recently had OD deploys starting to fail. Looking into it, I could see that when octopus extracted files from (D:\Octopus\Files) to D:\Octopus\Applications\<env>\<package name>\version\, the folder where things were supposed to be extracted was empty.

I know there was actually stuff inside my nuget package, because when I right clicked on it and extracted to a folder, all the files where there (even works when I click on the file in the D:\Octopus\Files directory).

The packages are created by manuall calling nuget:

nuget.exe pack app.nuspec -NoPackageAnalysis -Version %nugetVersion% -OutputDirectory build

My ci server (appveyor) has recently started using nuget 3.4.2, which I suspect is the culprit. Because when I create the package from my local machine (using 3.3.0) the package is extracted correctly. Plus, I can recreate the issue by downloading nuget 3.4.2, calling pack with that version, upload the nupkg to my nuget feed, and recreate the issue in octopus.

I’m running OD 3.3.2 and the tentacle is updated to 3.3.2


I’ve tried replicating the issue locally but I am unable to. Is it possible that you could provide the NuGet package that fails extraction?

Thank you and best regards,