Packages created and pushed from TeamCity to Octopus Deploy contain partial of version number in its ID


We are using “Octopus Deploy integration” plug-in in our TeamCity.

In one of our project, we have “OctopusDeploy: Create and Push Packages” build step to push the package from TeamCity to Octopus.

The package path patterns is:
./** =>

The value for %build.number% is We expect to see PackageName.

However, the package ID shown in the Octopus built-in package repository as “PackageName.1” and the version is “”

When we change the package path patterns to use underscore, Octopus Deploy is able to pick up the package name and version info correctly.
“./** =>”

I don’t know why Octopus Deploy parses partial of the version number as the package ID. Any help will be appreciated!



Octopus version: v2018.3.12
TeamCity version: 2017.2.3
Octopus Deploy integration plug-in version: 4.31.1

Hi Ge,

Thanks for getting touch.

It appears that the version number you are using contains too many parts. Octopus works best when SemVer patterns are followed for versioning your packages. There is a documentation page on versioning that will be helpful.

SemVer version numbers need to be in the format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-prereleasetag+metadata. So, your version number will need to remove two parts, or change the last two numbers to a prerelase tag or metadata.

I also used this web site to test the version number strings.

Hopefully this helps you out.


Thanks for the clarification!

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