Package version but nuspec have

Hi Paul,

My problem is i have a WCF project, i can create nuget package with octo.exe in our TFS environment. After the successfull build, the release-ready package is deploying to the corporate nuget feed.

In my nuspec file the version is, but the package what is pushed to nuget feed is
Because the previous “error”, i can’t select different version when i want to create release in Octopus UI.

Could you help me?


When you use OctoPack the version number defaults to the assembly version number of the project. You could use a * in the assembly version of the project to have it auto-generated, or you could pass it as a parameter to MSBuild. More info is available under the Versioning section on this page:

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You are right. I’ve added a new build process template which can update details of my builded assemblies.
You can close this discussion.
Thank you Paul.