Package Upload Times 1.6 vs 2.0

This is what I’m seeing from package uploading/downloading… a package that took 4 minutes before now takes 2.5 hours…

These are the exact same machines that were running v.16

v1.6: - Took 00:04:05
Upload to machine
2013-10-30 08:08:34 DEBUG Uploading package CruiseImages 1.0.147 to tentacle 08:12:39 INFO Package CruiseImages 1.0.147 successfully uploaded to tentacle

v2.0 - Took 02:25:00
Upload package to https://us-hq-octt-02:10933/
01:07:09 Info Uploading CruiseImages.1.0.209 (1,577.15 MB) to SQ-US-HQ-OCTT-02-6E9EA457
03:33:36 Info Package CruiseImages 1.0.209 successfully uploaded to tentacle SQ-US-HQ-OCTT-02-6E9EA457

So, I may have solved this problem, but can offer a few suggestions to the Octopus Team to make this experience easier next time.

I’m sure most of us use VMs in our deployment environments and cloning is quite common.

Octopus presents several problems.

  1. Services are not uninstalled when uninstalling the server or tentacle
  2. The C:\Octopus directory gets left behind after install.
  3. The Tentacle certificates remain in the certificate store after uninstall.

So, Say I have a running tentacle and need another and perform these steps.

I shut down the tentacle service and clone the machine.
Once its cloned I rename it to something else.
I then completely uninstall Octopus and remove the c:\octopus folder.
I reinstall a new version of Octopus tentacle.
I register with the Octopus Server.
I add a new machine, pointing at tentacle.

All seems fine, but now if I deploy to this new tentacle, it actually deploys to tentacle 1 (the clone master)
because for whatever reason it doesn’t care about the URI of the tentacle, it just cares about its certificate.

The task log will show:
Upload package to https://us-hq-octt-03:10933/
Uploading Club_Sites. (1,311.75 MB) to SQ-US-HQ-OCTT-01-657F9D94

Notice us-hq-octt-03 & US-HQ-OCTT-01 are different machines.
So, this cause a litany of behavioral problems obviously when the server thinks it a different machine.

This also may have been the cause of the downloads taking 20x longer.

Great spotting! Yes, some docs on cloning Tentacle VMs are definitely called for here. Thanks.