Package published date not updated

We’re automatically uploading library packages from Azure DevOps (set to overwrite existing packages) but we’ve noticed that the published date isn’t updating correctly. Downloading the package confirms that the package contents have been correctly updated. Is this expected behaviour? We were expecting the published date to reflect the date the package was updated.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve confirmed that this is indeed a bug in Octopus. The file is being updated but the metadata is not. I’ve created a GitHub issue that you can follow for progress updates on a fix.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



I’ve checked the GitHib issue and noticed that it has been marked as resolved. Unfortunately, I’ve just published a new build from Azure DevOps and the package has not been updated (may be the package and/or the timestamp).

Are you sure that’s been resolved?

I can confirm that the package has been correctly uploaded but the published date/time is incorrect

We’ve retested here and it’s working as expected for us, and updating the date/time. Is the value not changing at all or not changing to what you’d expect? The value we get relates to when the package was uploaded, not when it was created, in case that is it.