Package permissions per team

We’re trying to set up our Octopus environment in a way where each Team has more-or-less full control over their projects and packages. We want them to be able to create and remove their own packages, but not have any control over projects and packages for other teams. Is there a way to do that? From what I can tell the ProjectCreate, ProjectDelete, and BuiltInFeedAdminister permissions can only be applied globally but not per team.


Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately there are no ways to scope packages inside the library. Library scoping is very global on purpose as it needs to be across many teams and projects. Some ways customers are known to deal with this situation are to create individual NuGet feeds for each team, and not give them inbuilt repository access. It’s not a perfect solution but it does mean they can not impact each others packages.

We haven’t had this come up a lot but I am wondering how much community support we would have. So please feel free to add this suggestion to UserVoice:

Let me know what you think,