Package not being update due to insignificant changes


We are using Octopus to deploy our Sitecore sites including CMS content (generated via TDS). Everything works fine generally but my latest minor CMS change is not being deployed. Ive looked through the logs and physical files and i think the problem is to do with the delta check and it not finding enough changes to warrant an upload.

Logs show the following :

16:52:44 Info | Original package was 2 MB, delta file is 2 MB
16:52:44 Info | Generated delta file size was within 80% of the full package

Whilst successful upload show :

11:50:01 Info | Original package was 196 KB, delta file is 4 KB
Success: Uploading and applying delta XXXXXXXXXX.
11:50:01 Verbose | Octopus Deploy: Calamari version 3.3.20+Branch.master.Sha.aa26be4d1a4ce6642c3565e489d734f22230c5d6
11:50:01 Info | Applying delta to C:\Octopus\Files\XXXXXXXXXX. with hash 1aeff041f86845aaee2bd076f290d6b202e1eee2 and storing as C:\Octopus\Files\XXXXXXXXXX.

Im guessing as to whether this is the problem or not but the logs indicate the above. If so what is the best way to avoid this problem?



Please ignore this post. Im not sure what was happening but everything seems to be working after some more testing.