Package list in prompted variable

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there’s a way to provide a drop-down or list of available packages into a prompted variable?

As an example we have a tenanted project which is used to deploy a package for a tenant. We have x amount of the same types of packages that can be deployed by that same project in the same way so it might be cool or useful if at deploy time we could choose the package we want to deploy for that tenant.

Would you guys deem it useful or perhaps it’s better to go for a project per package and deploy in that way?

Thanks for your insight!


This of course gives issues at release creation time which I didn’t consider as you have to select a package version at that moment.

I guess there’s no way around this and the only option is to have a project per package?


Hi Joren,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a similar discussion going on over here:
I’m not usually a fan of just pointing to another ticket but I think jumping in over there and seeing if it relates might be a good idea. Make it a bit more of a discussion. And generally the more who agree the more likely something will move forward.

If you think there is more or I am really missing the point please let me know!