Package Doesn't Show in GitHub Feed

I have cloned OctopusDeployLabs/SpaceCloner into david-peden-q2/SpaceCloner. The repo is obviously public since it’s a clone of your public repo. I have made a single commit and pushed it. I have also created a couple of tags and pushed them. I also have created a release and pinned it to one of my tags. All of this is visible in the repo.

I have configured Octopus with a GitHub feed per the guidance in your docs:

and help:

When I test the feed, I get no results using “david-peden-q2/”. When querying “SpaceCloner”, I do see results for both OctopusDeployLabs and OctopusSamples but not david-peden-q2.

I’m not sure why not. I’d appreciate some assistance in figuring out why.

Here is the repo:



Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of what the GitHub search returns.

It is because you forked the repo. By default, GitHub doesn’t include any forks in the search result. You’d have to include “fork:true” in the search command in the GitHub UI like so:

Unfortunately, folks who use GitHub Feed + Octopus Deploy typically aren’t using forked repos. We could add it, but I’m not 100% sure where it’d fit in the priority list.

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