Package cache is over 20 gig and growing


Just started noticing that our version of Octopus Deploy is storing HEAPS of packages in to the “Data” folder. Can this be controlled to have a retention policy also? Because our server started getting errors such as “insufficient disk space”…

Please help.

Hi Dejan,

Octopus should clean up this folder automatically after three days (we keep packages for a short while, then we delete them). Is this not happening? What version of Octopus are you using?


We are on:
Octopus Deploy

Attached is the image. Maybe a security/permission issue? Weird.

Maybe this should be a separate discussion, but similar to disk space loss.

I discovered that the same CI server running Windows Server 2008 R2 has the Microsoft.Net temporary files also growing very large (up to 20 gig now). Deployments started failing when our system drive was down to 50meg…

It’s definitely something to do with IIS having to re-initialise the application on every deploy. Is there a setting in IIS to clean up after itself?

Thanks in advance