Package cache is not cleared after changing it to 5 days

Hi Team,

I noticed that octopus package cache on the server has gone 20GB+. I tried to read discussions and I have reduced to keep it off 5 days instead of default 20 days but it doesn’t seem to be cleaning up the folder.

Also, I have NuGet feed from TeamCity which adds up in this folder and the hard drive is difficult to manage.

How can I resolve this issue?
My Octopus version is : 3.13.0

Hi Bhumika,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you wouldn’t mind confirming, after you set the configuration to 5 days, did you restart the Octopus Server service?
As it is a configuration change it requires the service to be restarted to take effect.
If you did restart, when did you make the change? The background package cache runs every 4 hours.

If you restarted and it has most certainly been more than 4 hours, could you attach your Octopus.Server.config file - mostly I would just like to check for the following:
<set key="Octopus.PackageCache.DaysToCachePackages">5</set> - if you can confirm that is in your config file.

I have marked this thread private, let me know what you find.

Hi Venessa,

Thanks for a quick response. I didn’t restart service.
I have restarted it now and will wait for 4 hours.

I shall provide you the feedback after 4 hours.

Hi Vanessa,

I confirm that issue has been resolved after restarting the service.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Bhumika,

Glad to hear it! Thanks for keeping me updated.