Package Cache is full


Our package cache fills up very quickly - we’re using octopus as part of an environment-per-branch continuous deployment platform.

I’d like to clean up the package cache, and do so in a safe manner. All our packages for the branch environments have a version 0.0.X version number. Is it safe to create a windows scheduled task that runs a powershell script which will remove these files from C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\PackageCache?


Thanks for reaching out. By default Octopus will clear this directory every 20 days. You can configure every how many days you want octopus to clean this directory by running this command.

Octopus.Server.exe configure --cachePackages=[days]

Additionally, if you’d rather setup a scheduled task to clean this folder, that would also work.

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Awesome was just about to post about this. I wonder how many other people are going to be wondering about this? Might be nice to document this.


We’re on 3.2.12.
We’ve set our cachePackages to 1 day.

This works for all the feed folders. But we noticed the sig and delta files in the root directory are not being deleted every day as expected.

Can this be fixed?



We’re on 3.2.19 and have the same problem as Mark Dasco.

Hi All,

We do have an issue to remove the extra files from the cache:

Sorry for not linking it sooner.


Hi Vanessa,

I just noticed that we have 70+GB of .octodelta and .octosig files in our \OctopusServer\PackageCache folder. This is a problem.

Are you sure that your link (above) is to the relevant issue?


Agreed the above link does not seem valid for this issue :slight_smile:

Wrong issue indeed!
This is the one:
I obviously forgot to increment my copy and paste by +1


Off-by-one errors! :slight_smile:

Does the “ready” label indicate that the fix will be included in v3.2.20?

Not exactly It means its in the current sprint, but say if we had something urgent that needed to go out before that we would. It just means that someone will pick it up, and it will go out in one of the next releases.


Hi Vanessa,

I have 3.2.21.
I seems, that issue is solved for me.
Thank you!

Kind regards,
Denis Titusov

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the follow up and confirmation.