Override one library variable set with another


is it possible to define priority of one library variable set over another? I know that variable with scope are of higher priority than one without scope. But it would be great to have ability to override one variable set with another in controllable manner.

Here is our sutuation. We use one big library set to define a LOT of default values. Then we have X projects with similar structure, all of them include this default library. All these projects override some variables (10-20), and we have to do it in each project. We can’t modify these values in default library because it is included into lot of projects, and other projects don’t need to get modified values. If only Octopus allows to override one library set with another, it would help a lot.

Can we expect such feature?

Hi Dmitry,

Unfortunately we don’t support precedence for library variable sets overriding each other.

The library variable sets are designed to define system-wide variables that can be used on projects. If there’s a specific override you need for a project, we expect you to define them at a project level, and we consider all library variables to be equal (and assume they’ll be unique).

If the overrides are specific to projects, then the correct place to define new values is the project variables.

If there are common overrides that are used across multiple projects, can I suggest partitioning your library variable sets differently? For example, you might have a Core-Variables set that’s used in all projects (never overridden), then a Default-Variables set used for “overridable” variables with default values. You could then have a series of ConfigurationA-Variables sets that can be used instead of Default-Variables in appropriate projects.