Overactive Built In Library Retention Policy

I have a retention policy of 5 days on my built in repository.

Some packages disappeared recently which I feel should not have. The documentation says this:

" The in-built repository will delete any packages that are not attached to any release. If you happen to have higher versions of packages that have not been released, we will keep them assuming a release will be created. If you delete releases using the Octopus Server retention policy then any packages that were associated with those releases will then be deleted with that task."

The bold bit is the part that does not seem to have been followed…it is a new project, with no releases at all. Packages are created, but after 5 days they were deleted. I suspect the ‘condition’ “If you happen to have higher versions of packages that have not been released” if at fault, because there are no deployed packages to compare to. This special case seems to have slipped through.

For completeness…if I have several newer version of a package should it leave all of them or just the newest one?

Hi Stuart,
Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that your retention policies are not functioning as expected.

To help us dig a little deeper, I’d like to gather a bit more information from you. If possible could you send me your Octopus Server Logs and Deployment Process Raw Output?

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.


Hi Stuart,
I’m working with our Engineering Team to determine what the excepted behavior is for this scenario, in the meantime, I’d like to get more relevant logs from you if possible.

Could you send me the raw task logs from the retention policy task that removed the packages in question? The retention policy Tasks should show up on the tasks page by filtering with `Task Type > Apply Retention Policies’. From there you can click raw and download the logs from on the next screen.


You’re most likely correct that this has fallen into an uncaptured scenario. It seems like the newest versions should be kept, in quantities specified in your retention policy. I will run this by our engineering team and let you know what they say.

Hope to hear from you shortly.