Output variables lost after manual intervention

When including a manual intervention step, output variables created in subsequent steps are lost in a “parent” project.

Basic repro setup is a “parent” project (in my case:“GTaiji-Test”) with a Deploy Release “child” step (“Notifications” which deploys project “Notification Approval”). I’ve attached the following raw logs:

  • Log 1: “Notifications” release 0.0.1 deployed with no manual intervention
  • Log 2: “GTaiji-Test” release 0.0.1 using “Notifications” 0.0.1 in a Deploy Release step
  • Log 3: “Notifications” release 0.0.2 deployed with a manual intervention
  • Log 4: “GTaiji-Test” release 0.0.2 using “Notifications” 0.0.2 in a Deploy Release step

In Log 2 you can observe the existence of output variables from steps within “Notifications” created using powershell command Set-OctopusVariable. This is as expected per the Deploy Release documentation.

In Log 4 the same output variables are no longer available. The only difference between the two deployments is the inclusion of a manual intervention prior to Set-OctopusVariable being called within “Notifications”.


Hi Garrett,

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry that you’ve encountered this issue. Also many thanks for the detailed information of how to replicate the issue, made my life very easy.

I’ve raised a GitHub issue to have a fix for this done as soon as possible.

Thank you and best regards,

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