Ouput variables for S3 Upload step

We’ve been using the Step Template UPLOAD A PACKAGE TO AN AWS S3 BUCKET for some time but after a recent upgrade we found that it no longer produces an output variable, which has broken our deployment process.

We used to use the Octopus.Action[step name here].Output.Files output variable of the upload step to feed into custom terraform init parameters in a subsequent step. The upload step no longer has this output variable.

I have no idea why, have trawled the release notes between our versions (I don’t have those handy but it was about a years worth) and haven’t found any mention.

Not sure if anyone can assist, I will also hit up the forum.

Hi @rohin.mcdermott!

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your deployment process! What version of Octopus did you upgrade from/to when you noticed this error?

I just whipped up this scenario and ran a deployment with variable logging enabled, and saw that the filename is now contained in the Octopus.Action[step name here].Output.Package.FileName variable.

I’m not 100% sure as to the cause of this change, but I will check in with the engineering team and see if I can track it down.

Hi Justin. I have been delving into this more. In the raw deployment data I can find a reference to the output variable being created. But this variable doesn’t appear to be available in the immediate next step.

10:17:05 Verbose | Bucket bambora-lambda-code-container-ndev exists in region Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2). Skipping creation.
10:17:05 Info | Attempting to upload entire package to bucket bambora-lambda-code-container-ndev with key schedule_payment/v1_SchedulePayments_Submit_Plans.zip.
10:17:05 Info | Saving object version id to variable “Octopus.Action[Upload to Lambda Code Container].Output.Files[schedule_payment/v1_SchedulePayments_Submit_Plans.zip]”

Some time later in the raw log, it appears to set this variable, however if i’m following the raw log correctly, it isn’t created in time for the steps immediately following the S3 upload step.

10:17:06 Verbose | [Octopus.Action[Upload to Lambda Code Container].Output.Files[schedule_payment/v1_SchedulePayments_Submit_Plans.zip]] = ‘8oVBfERjT5TEaVHrqXg7N46T5.vn1cKx’

I don’t understand how that’s possible.

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