Order of Deployment


I’m wondering if it is possible to set the order of deployment. Right now I have a step that needs to be deployed to 2 machines in a cluster. I would like it to be deployed to machine 1 (Role: MSMQ_PRIMARY), and then machine 2 (Role: MSMQ_SECONDARY). I have set OctopusMaxParallelism = 1.

Is there a way I can guarantee that this step will always be deployed to the Primary, and then the Secondary? I can, of course, make two steps, but I’d prefer to do it in one.


Hi Craig,

Thanks for your question!

Unfortunately no, there is no way for you to define which machine is deployed to and in which order using the parallelism setting.
The only way to force it will be two steps as you suggested.

Sorry if this is crappy news.