Order in which the tokens are expanded

I would like to know the order in which the variables are expanded during deployments.

I have defined variables in

  • Library Variables (eg: L1 = 0, L2 = #{L1}, L3=#{P1} )
  • Project Variables (eg: P1 = 3, P2 = {P1} )
  • Project Templates (eg: T1=5, T2=#{T1}, T3 = #{L1})

Will this get expanded always in the right order during deployments?
Or is there any possibility to expand the nested variable before the individual variable


  • T3 = #{L1} then L1
  • L2 = #{L1} then L1

Hi @Falcon_Francis,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As I understand it, all of the variables are loaded into a dictionary list at the beginning of the deployment in their raw form (e.g. T3 = #{L1})
Then as each step runs the variables are evaluated into their “true” form, based off of this initial dictionary list. (e.g. T3 = 0)
So, #{L1} should always be available when other variables (T3, L2) require it.


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This helps :slight_smile:
Thank you @paul.calvert for the quick response.

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