Optional Phases Can't be skipped in UI

Octopus Version 3.13.0

Lifecycle created that goes from Test -> Preprod (Optional) -> Production
When attempting a UI deploy to Production where Test has been deployed to, it doesn’t allow skipping Preprod.

If the lifecycle has the first environment/phase as optional it also doesn’t work.

In short, the Optional process doesn’t work.

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I’ve dug into the issue, and I’ve found that there’s a bug around optional lifecycles being mandatory, but only when used with tenants. I’ve logged an issue, and we should have a fix out for it within the next few days.

Hope that helps!


Saw this thread was open => go ahead and close this thread. It is solved! Thanks for the quick turn around. It resolved having to create horrible hacks in our channels and lifecycles for releases.

*edit: Just figured out I had permission to close the thread :slight_smile: