One package in the same release always has older version numbers than the rest

I have a visual studio solution which has an ASP.NET Web API project, an MVC project, and a service. I then created a single Octopus project that compiles and unit tests the whole solution before deploying. After solving a dozen problems in the setup, I now have one more problem which I failed to figure out.

The attached artifacts.png image shows that all nuget packages have the version number 1.0.111. Yet, in the release.png image, one package in the project was always built with 1 version number less than the expected value.

I tried setting the Build.Counter to a much higher value than the current Build.Counter but no matter which value I set, this single project will always lag 1 version behind the rest.

In Release versioning, I chose Use the version number from an included package and used one of the project:FHT.API for the octopus to figure out the version number.

The complete build log is also attached.

Thanks for any hints. (70 KB)

Sorry, one more attachment.



Thanks for getting in touch! After I had a look through your logs I noticed that your build is still attempting to publish artifacts after Octo.exe has done the deployment.

[17:51:32] : Publishing artifacts
[17:51:32] :	 [Publishing artifacts] Collecting files to publish: [C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\nuget7852657242444003549packages\nuget.xml => .teamcity/nuget]
[17:51:32] :	 [Publishing artifacts] Publishing 1 file [C:/TeamCity/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp/nuget7852657242444003549packages/nuget.xml => .teamcity/nuget] using [ArtifactsCachePublisher]
[17:51:32] :	 [Publishing artifacts] Publishing 1 file [C:/TeamCity/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp/nuget7852657242444003549packages/nuget.xml => .teamcity/nuget] using [WebPublisher]
[17:51:32]i: ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:buildFinishing' value='16.0']
[17:51:32] : Publishing internal artifacts
[17:51:32] :	 [Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [ArtifactsCachePublisher]
[17:51:32] :	 [Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [WebPublisher]
[17:51:32]i: ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:artifactsPublishing' value='265.0']
[17:51:32] : Build finished

This will cause the problem you are encountering here. On our TeamCity documentation page we have info on this: see Tip: delayed package publishing
We also have some great videos under specifically Built-In Feed for this issue.

Please let me know how you get on.


Sorry. I just saw your reply. It explained the weirdness. Thanks a lot.


No worries at all!

Let me know if you run into any further issues or have any more questions. :slight_smile: