On / Off premise

Hi Paul,

I’ve read this aritcle: AUTOMATED RELEASE MANAGEMENT FOR .NET WITH OCTOPUSDEPLOY (http://blog.devopsguys.com/2013/01/29/automated-release-management-for-net-with-octopusdeploy/)
which is quite interesting.

I cannot decide where to put the octopus server: I’d really like to put it in our local lan network and not in the datacenter to not transfer data over vpn when we do a dev environment deploy.

But if I do so, the deploy to the data center would actually be slower because of the transfer of the packages from the octopus server to tentacles.

What do you suggest? Do you have something planned to address this kind of problems?


I pretty much have the same issue with terrible upload speeds to live environment.

But since our Source control (SVN) and build server (TeamCity) is local it was obvious to have OctopusDeploy installed locally.

I have a test/staging environment locally and shud we be happy with it then I will promote it to Live which will make it upload for a few minutes and deploy.

Don’t really see a way around it.

I’ve also used Hamachi VPN to be able to get the Tentacle on Live to communicate with the locally installed Octopus server.

Now we’ve 2 datacenters. (ouch)

Maybe the suggestion “Ability to get files form a local Nuget Store” of the suggestion forum could solve this problem?