Offline packge drop - post 'drop' notifications/scripts


We are developing client application and I am wondering if we can solve deployment
problem using Offline package drops introduced in 3.0.
I really like the possibility to create pipelines, approval procedures, etc. However we don’t actually
need to deploy to actual machine (at least not for the production step), but would like only prepare packages
that are later transferred to clients using separate/custom mechanism.
I see that ‘Offline package drop’ can nicely solve first part of this problem, but I am wondering if it is possible
to run post-deployment scripts, that are actually run after the drop has been done and not when
the drop will be installed (etc. notifying repository system - HTTP, transfer package to another location, pack it back into .zip).

Thanks for support.

Cheers, Jure

Hi Jure,

Thanks for getting in touch!

To be able to achieve this, you can run a PowerShell script on the Octopus server (follow instructions here after the offline drop step has completed to perform the desired actions.

There’s a caveat though…in that you’d have to have a known drop folder (when you set up the offline drop target) and then use that within your script that is run on the Octopus server to build up the location of where the content is written (i.e. {uncshare}\{environment}\{project}\{releasenumber}) to be able to transfer the offline drop package to another location or create a zip package out of it.

Hope that helps!

Thank you and warm regards,

Thanks for you help.
I guess this could work well.

Cheers, Jure