Offline Package Drops - Missing Scripts,Variables and Calamari

I’m on 3.17.5

Create an offline package drop target and deployed to a tenant. When it was done, the only thing in my zip file was

                    |       MyApp.2.13.nupkg

I’m missing the scripts, variables, calamari, etc.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately I’m having problems trying to reproduce your issue.

Could you please tell me what steps you are using in the project process? Also you mentioned that this is a tenant deployment, but there’s no tenant folder in the path you described. Also offline deployments do not create a zip. Is there some other script that’s running that is creating a zip and not including the correct files?


Apologies, it turns out we do have some kind of custom script that runs to create zip files on the server where we do offline drops. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.