Offline Deployment to Internal ASE

Is it possible to do an offline deployment to an internal ASE, where the octopus deploy server / tentacle doesn’t have access to the ASE vnet?

Our plan was to create an offline package, then upload it to a bastion host to do the deployment.

Previously it was possible to create a web app deployment step that used an offline package drop deployment target, but with the latest update this option appears to be gone.

Hi Gavin,

That sounds like a really great idea, but is unfortunately not something we explicitly intended to work. It may have been possible for a short period of time but would no longer work as part of our recent Azure changes and complicates things a fair bit for this specific scenario.

To help make sure we understand your requirements/scenario, are there restrictions that would prevent you from being able to use a VPN or even an outbound connection from a polling tentacle?

If so would workers be a good fit for you?

Shaun Marx

Thanks for the response.

Its for deploying to a PCI DSS production cloud environment from our less secure dev / uat environment.

I think this : will ultimatly solve the problem, but for now I’ve got a solution working that uses the FTP upload step template, so we can manually carry an air-dropped deployment up to the bastion host for deployment.

Hi Gavin, no problem at all, and thanks for clarifying.

Remote release promotions would definitely solve the problem, but may still be a little while before it is released. I don’t think we have a nice answer for this particular problem at this point in time.

Sorry that I can’ provide better news. Just let us know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile: