Offline Deployment does not set expected $OctopusParameters for deployment process steps

I have a deployment script that uses robocopy to mirror the files from a package deployment step to a final destination folder. In order to determine the location of the source files I use the $OctopusParameter ‘Octopus.Action[].Output.Package.InstallationDirectoryPath’.

In a tentacle deployment this parameter is correctly set at execution time. However in an Offline Package Drop deployment the parameter doesn’t exist. I would expect this to be set to the appropriate sub-folder of the specified “Applications directory”.

Looking at other parameters that are available I cannot see any that are equivalent.

Is this the right approach to determining where I can find the unpacked files or is there something else I should be doing?

Regards, Rob

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately output variables like those ones aren’t available for offline drops, though it’s something we’re considering:

The only alternative approach I can think of would be to use the Custom Installation Directory feature to ensure the package is always extracted to a predictable staging folder (maybe C:\Temp\<Version> for example) and then the script step can assume the files are there.