Offline deployment creating secret file without any sensitive variables

Hi, I’m currently running 3.2.24 so stop me if the 3.3 breaking change is to do with this problem.

Basically, I’m outputting an offline deployment, not a single variable is sensitive but yet it’s outputting the .secret files and wanting a password at deployment. One thing I can thing is that some of the variables (Connection Strings) used to be sensitive (when they were user/pass) but now it’s integrated security so their just plain text for ease of troubleshooting.

Let me know if there’s anything than can be done to output an offline package that doesn’t require a password - and without upgrading to 3.3

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch! If any of your steps have things like our service or IIS features where a password is used then that is considered a sensitive variable. If that isn’t the case then I do believe if you made an existing variable not sensitive this lingers and can cause this issue. I did think it was fixed in 3.3.

May I ask what the breaking change is that is stopping you from upgrading? Can I help at all?

Hi Vanessa, I have double checked the IIS App Pool user and it’s the default Application Identity though this one did also used to have a username/password

The breaking change is having to upgrade our Team City plugin and the Octo.exe to 3.3, we have a few TC instances and the Octo.exe is used by developers and configs all over the shop so just trying to get all those to 3.3 and upgrade together is something I need to try arrange.

Quick question, would the 3.3. Octo.exe and 3.3. plugin worked with our 3.2.24 server?

Hi Gavin,

So I am told that version of Octo.exe bundled with the TC plugin is backwards compatible and will work with older versions just fine.

We did have an issue with user/pass not clearing from those fields when set back to default. It still remains in the db and thus will cause this issue.
And of course that was fixed as part of the changes in 3.3. Here is the issue: