OD in Azure


My company is considering using Octopus Deploy in Azure but we would like to know whether our proposed architecture is valid and obtainable.

Currently we use VS 2015 to build our ASP.Net web application, we have our tfs server on premises and we have a build template which creates a nuget package, uses Octopack to upload it to our Octopus Deploy Server and deploys it to one of the environments. This setup works perfectly.

We are now in the process of moving to Visual Studio Team Services and to have everything hosted there. We would of course like to continue to use Octopus for deployment, so we have considered the following setup:

1 Azure VM to host Octopus Deploy server
1 Azure VM for each environment, so tentacles must be installed on these machines

When code is checked in to VS Team Services, a build is automatically triggered. If successful, a nuget package is created and uploaded to the Octopus Deploy server, and finally the package is deployed to one of the “Environment” VMs.

This scenario is very similar to what we currently have, but is it at all possible? If yes, what do we need?



Hi Peter,

Thank you for getting in touch! You should have no troubles at all executing this with the proposed set-up and should not require anything else.
The Azure marketplace has both Octopus Deploy Server and Tentacle

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help!


I was curious to know about the cost for the same. What is the cost of Octopus if I have 1 build server maintaining 50 other VM’s (Octopus tentacles installed and has mix of environments TEST to PROD) against my VM’s are in cloud (say PaaS) and I go for Octopus Deploy in Azure market place. I’m not worried about convenience, I need information only on cost