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I have HA license for two nodes. I have central share for artifacts, task logs and repositories.
I need to setup DR site. I’m unable to add the servers to production database during OD installation as I have license for 2 node HA.

However, I’ve been told that this is the way to do it and then use Octopus.Server.exe configure --ServerNodeName=SameNameAsPrimary> command to have DR nodes in standby.

How can I add DR nodes to the same database which is also mirrored in DR datacenter.

Thank you,

Hi Lucas,

We apologize, this scenario is a gap in our documentation.

It is only the Octopus Manager UI that prevents you from adding the node. Fortunately you can run the same commands that it would run from the command line. So the process is:

Step 1

Run the Octopus MSI on the DR server. It will launch the Octopus Manager; you can exit this.

Step 2

Run the following commands.

You will obviously have to modify the arguments for your own environment. The node name can be whatever you like, as it will be temporary.

Octopus.Server.exe create-instance --config "C:\Octopus\OctopusServer.config"
Octopus.Server.exe configure  --home "C:\Octopus" --storageConnectionString "Data Source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=OctopusDeploy-default;Integrated Security=True" --upgradeCheck "True" --upgradeCheckWithStatistics "True" --webForceSSL "False" --webListenPrefixes "http://localhost:80/" --commsListenPort "10943" --serverNodeName "Node1" --masterKey "05fdi1JI+Q4tycHXIxPRRQ=="
Octopus.Server.exe service --stop
Octopus.Server.exe service --install --reconfigure --start

You can now log into the portal and check the node is successfully configured and online. Note that you won’t be able to deploy until you perform the next step.

Step 3

Stop the service:

Octopus.Server.exe service --stop

Run the configure command:

Octopus.Server.exe configure --ServerNodeName=SameNameAsPrimary> 

That node now has the same name as the primary, and should not be started unless the primary is offline. I would recommend ensuring the Octopus Server Windows Service is set to ‘Disabled’.

Step 4

You can now view the portal again and remove the temporary node name from the Nodes page.

I hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if anything isn’t clear.
Again, we apologize that this isn’t as straight-forward as it should be.


Looks like this works perfect. Thank you.