Octostache , Parsing failure: unexpected '#';


I am trying to deploy a DACPAC to a database in different environment. The deploy works fine in some environment but in other we get this error:

Parsing script body with Octostache returned the following error: `Parsing failure: unexpected ‘#’; expected end of input (Line 27, Column 4); recently consumed: alse }

I have no clue of what the error could be or where to locate the error.
The deploy worked previously in some of the environments where we now deploy with this error.

Can you please help me where I should look for this error?

Kind regards,

Hi Rikard,

Thanks for getting in touch! Would you be able to attach the full deployment logs where you see this error?

The following documentation has instructions on downloading the log file.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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