OctopusTools NuGet package cannot be installed when using NuGet 3.0 or higher

Due to NuGet 3.0 having dropped support for solution level packages, it is now impossible to install the OctopusTools package into a solution. It has to be installed into a specific project, which is impossible because it doesn’t contain any files in the lib folder. A simple workaround for this exists, which is to place a dummy file into the lib folder, which results in the package becoming a project level package and thus compatible with NuGet 3.0 or higher. When making this change, it is also important to mark the package as a development dependency by adding <developmentDependency>true</developmentDependency> into the metadata section of the nuspec file. This will ensure that the package reference does not automatically become transitive, in case the consuming project gets packaged as a NuGet package.

I’ve created issue 2100 to address this. I’ve created pull request 61 which resolves it.

Hi Shayne,

Thanks for getting in touch and going to this much effort. I’ll take a look at that PR early next week. Just to confirm with you, are you blocked at the moment?

Hope that helps!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting back to me, and you’re welcome. I am not blocked by this at the moment.