Octopuspackages container retention policy

I’m trying to clean up some Azure resources & wanted to verify something before proceeding. We use the “Deploy Cloud Service” step to deploy some legacy Azure cloud services. This uploads packages to a blob container called “octopuspackages” - appears to be defined in Calamari ref.

It doesn’t appear that this container is cleaned out or has retention policies applied. Is that expected? Note that for these cloud services, we don’t have tentacles installed & just use the legacy step that runs on the Octopus server.

Is there any harm to manually cleaning out the “octopuspackages” container?

For retention policy, I’ve currently got “keep all releases” and “keep extracted packages” for 1000 days (we’re trying to slowly crank this down to purge old data, but wanted to verify before dropping it suddenly).

Hi @josh_centerx!

There’s no harm in cleaning up this container, so feel free to! Sadly, it’s just a necessary step required for Azure cloud services to deploy.

Happy deployments

Great. Thanks!

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